About Inge

“…. and we’ve heard so much about this German lady in the valley …” 

A Long History of Care Giving

Inge started her life of caring at a very early age in Germany. At 11 yrs old she was assisting with patient care at a local hospital and continued on through high school working there and at various private assisted living homes, receiving on the job and official training until becoming certified as an “Altenpfleger/in” (Geriatric Nurse).
In the late 80’s, Inge received training as an Assisted Living Manager and soon seized on the opportunity to purchase a hotel that had recently closed. After completly renovating the hotel, and working with local German authorities, her dream of owing her own large Nursing Care facility was finally realized. Her facility, “Haus Inge”, grew to be the home of 44 residents where Inge and 26 staff members, that she hired, trained and oversaw, took loving care of all her residents. Her staff included many caring assistants, 2 Occupational Therapists, 5 fulltime RN’s, a fulltime Chef and various maintenance personel. Inge provided care for her residents who ranged from Stage 2 – 5 care (Basic Assistance, Help w/ Daily Activities, Bed Bound and Terminal). It was here that Inge was truly in her element and at the “top of her game” in providing exceptional care to those in need with her unique Holistic approach to care giving.
In the late 90’s, due to an injury, Inge was forced to leave Germany in search of medical specialists in the USA. After a complete recovery, she settled down in Florida where after a time started a small, private elderly care home, once again becoming a pillar of care in the community to many residents and their families along with those in the associated medical field.

After a time Inge was drawn to the West and eventually settled in the Verde Valley. Here she worked at several local care facilities, once again endearing herself to all she came in contact with in the elder care and medical communities, yet still always dreaming of operating her own licensed facility again.

IngeCare Today

In 2018, Inge’s dream of owning her own Assisted Living home was realized once again with the opening of IngeCare. After purchasing a home and again going through all the renovations, along with working closely with the Arizona Department of Health Services, IngeCare became a fully licensed Assisted Living home.

With Inge’s reputation, word traveled fast and the first 5 residents were calling IngeCare their home within weeks. Expansion plans are currently underway to accommodate more residents and expected to be completed within a very short time.

As many have said , Inge is a person that does not know the meaning of giving up, not only for herself, but most importantly, for those who are fortunate enough to find themselves under her care. She will always continue to champion the fight of providing loving, unique and expert care to ensure that the health, happiness and dignity of those she is responsable for remains first and foremost and is never compromised. She truly considers her residents as her family. This is the kind of genuine care we should all hope for. With IngeCare opening, we can all be fortunate in the ability to take advantage of such a rare opportunity in our community.