About IngeCare

Unique Senior Care

IngeCare is a unique senior Assisted Living home with a focus on Integrative health care.

We work closely with our residents and their families, physicians and other support personnel in the care giving field, to come up with the best individual approach to ensure our residents remain, return to, and/or improve on their overall health and well being.

This unique combination of western medical technologies along with alternative therapies has been proven time an again to have a positive, long lasting effect on the lives of residents under Inge’s care.

The staff at IngeCare always have, and always will, treat our seniors with the utmost care and respect. Residents are considered family members and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Inge

IngeCare Values

The mission at IngeCare is to provide families with a unique alternative for the care of their loved ones and provide the best possible choice in their search for a safe haven from the trials of aging.

We envision a real home where seniors are welcomed with open arms and can enjoy their remaining years in an atmosphere of peace, dignity, health and companionship. Where they always have someone on their side, where they’re never forgotten or ignored, where their health, happiness, and well being are always  the number one priority. Where families have the peace of mind that they’ve made the best possible choice with a home where both traditional and Integrative health opportunities provide the greatest chance for improved health and well being.

Our promise is to provide a safe, healthy, enjoyable home for your loved one where you can be relieved that you’ve found the best possible choice in Assisted Living. We promise to live up to our Mission and Vision statements and always work closely with you to ensure the best individual approach is taken to ensure your loved one thrives in their new home at IngeCare.