Professional Acknowledgements

Letters of Recommendation From Former Colleagues


“Hello, I have been at several assisted living places in the area and I’m so glad we finally found Inge. I enjoy living in a home where I feel safe and the people here are so kind. It makes a big difference when those that are helping me genuinely care about me.  Being with Inge not only makes my life better but also eases the responsibilities on my family. I especially enjoyed our outing to the Grand Canyon and look forward to weekly trips to Sonic for milkshakes with my daughter.”


Inge literally saved my mother’s life (and subsequently my own) ….

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“I’ve been with Inge since the start of IngeCare as her resident nurse and have worked in many medical facilities, along with elder care homes. Inge stands out as the best facilitator I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We’ve all heard stories of poorly run elder care homes (I’ve seen them), please rest assured you’ve found a place where this just can’t happen. Aside from being an extremely well trained, experienced care giver, Inge is truly devoted to the well being of her seniors, which is the rare quality everyone should look for first and foremost.”